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WallDecaux Premium Outdoor Sales is Wall GmbH’s sales brand. The joint portfolio of JCDecaux and Wall GmbH is marketed under this brand name.

WallDecaux combines the strengths of two family-run businesses that have set the standard for professional excellence in outdoor advertising in recent decades.

The two companies’ combined resources will make WallDecaux Germany’s largest supplier of the City Light Poster format. Thanks to some 48,846 CLP advertising spaces in a total of 37 cities – including all cities with over one million residents, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich – WallDecaux has the potential to reach 23 million people a week across Germany.

WallDecaux - Part of JCDecaux

Keyfacts JCDecaux
  • 2014 revenues: €2,813m
  • JCDecaux is listed on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris and is part of the Euronext 100 index
  • No.1 worldwide in street furniture (480,400 advertising panels)
  • No.1 worldwide in transport advertising with more than 145 airports and more than 276 contracts in metros, buses, trains and tramways (379,000 advertising panels)
  • No.1 in Europe for billboards (191,000 advertising panels)
  • No.1 in outdoor advertising in the Asia-Pacific region (211,400 advertising panels)
  • No.1 in outdoor advertising in Latin America (35,000 advertising panels)
  • No.1 worldwide for self-service bicycle hire
  • 1,082,400 advertising panels in more than 60 countries
  • Present in 3,700 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants
  • 11,900 employees

JCDecaux is the world’s leading provider of outdoor advertising. Since 2009, Wall GmbH has been part of the JCDecaux Group, which was founded in France by Jean-Claude Decaux in 1964. The Group is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and generated revenues of 2,813 billion euros in 2014. Worldwide, JCDecaux employs nearly 11,900 people.

WallDecaux Premium Outdoor Sales is a division of Wall GmbH that effectively combines the strengths of both companies. From our five regional sales offices in Germany, we offer our clients premium advertising services for high-impact local, regional, or national campaigns.

JCDecaux worldwide presence

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